Broods’ Evergreen Album Review

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Georgia and Caleb Nott are the brother – sister duo that are not only known for topping the charts as #1 in New Zealand and their work with Lorde’s producer, but for their international fame that has succumed the electro pop meets meets indie sound. Debuting with ‘Bridges’ and infatuating the ears of all who listen, Broods unleashes another album, Evergreen, that make us far more madly in love with this duo then we are already.

Starting with ‘Mother & Father’ the duo wastes no time in captivating the ears with a psychedelic sound of Georgia and the foot stomping beat that ultimately makes me swift my head to the beat, forgetful I’m sitting in class and not in the comfort of my own room. The lyrics that embed the sound are as realistic as their talent, how being away from somewhere you’re accustomed to, somewhere you call home and leaving that behind to be alone, is a struggle for anyone, especially young people who are learning to make it on their own.

Having Joel Little as the producer for Broods proves this breakout duo is one worth listening to, with the success of Lorde and the talent she bestows, the difference between both these New Zealand natives is just the name. Listening to the album on my aged CD player I am captivated with the sound that Little has produced, because it makes me think of the stylistic, minimalistic, intricate sound of Lorde.

The latter end of the album may seem subtle in regards to tone and rhythm by the deep enthusing voice of Georgia, but her voice makes those silent expenditures on the subway listening to the music when you’re traveling in the darkness of the tunnel beautiful.

Evergreen is yet another success for Broods and since their debut with their self titled album in January, they have evolved and blossomed significantly. Broods is exactly the type of duo that will be destined for great things, so it’s safe to say this album is reaching the highest peaks of the music charts. And just like with their concluding song of Evergreen, “ It’s the life we’re living now, and its beautiful somehow.” So don’t hesitate to give Georgia and Caleb a chance to show you how beautiful life can be in the Evergreen.



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