Broken Guru’s Bent Up Halo is Garage Psychedelia Meets Punk Attitude

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Broken Guru’s sound can best be described as raw garage rock meets psychedelia with a wholehearted punk attitude in the mix. Life-long friends from New York, Rich Guerzon, Chrisy Fiero and Ray Fiero spurred the birth of Broken Guru back in the spring of 2013 and what resulted was a coherent honest mess of alternative tunes and their recently released album for Bent Up Halo. Drawing influences from bands like Jane’s Addiction, The Sonics, and early The Rolling Stones, Broken Guru’s impeccably meshes sounds from early 60’s garage/psychedelia with a vibrant here and now vibe of punk rock charisma.

Their introductory track, “Plight of Imemine”, is chock full of swagger and energy, an authentic preparation for the listeners for what’s yet to come. Guerzon’s vocals pitch to a high falsetto and just as quickly back down to a luring low tone still full of confidence. Their self-titled track for “Bent Up Halo” has a strong psychedelic groove imminent throughout, with the band taking the reins and pulling back a cue slower, giving the song a more 60’s bluesy feel to it. Their follow-up song, “Behind the Mouth”, switches back to traditional classic rock style with steadfast percussion from Ray Fiero and Guerzon’s mid-song guitar solo. Guerzon’s vocals blend flawlessly with the discordance and grunge of the instrumentals.




Whether it’s the inevitability of seeing past the facade of honest friendships, coming from the wrong side of the tracks or trying to ignore the persistent devil on your shoulder, Broken Guru’s lyrics speak of the enduring issue of good vs evil, with the appeal of evil coming out on top. With but one song reaching over the two minute mark, the trio impressively manages to capture punk rock attitude and creativity that show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. You can keep up to date with Broken Guru on their Facebook page and check to see if they’re playing a show in a city near you on their Reverbnation page.



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