Photography: Body Comparatives by Maciek Kryński

Artist: Maciek Kryński ( Instagram )


My name is Maciek Kryński and I’m a 21-year-old Eastern European artist raised in Poland, based in London and Warsaw, and fascinated by performance, live art, experimental & musical theatre, acting and music. I highly regard the idea of contradictions and takes pleasure in realizing the complexity of things. Nothing is simple and no borders are conspicuous. I enjoy immersing myself in the world of blurred barriers between ascetics and hedonism, austerity and lustre, minimalism and abundance. In my work I aim to explore unnoticed oppositions underpinning various phenomena. My work is strongly rooted in the colourful realm of the 2000’s. I grew up surrounded by Britney’s music, sun reflected by the multi-storey blocks and people enjoying life in a post-communist world. In my series for “Body Comparative”, I deconstruct reality, showing it through the prism of my experience by juxtaposing inanimate objects with body. The selection of items is not random. The connection between photos is strongly connected on an idealization level, making a strong stance and sending a clear message to its recipient.














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