Black is the New Black

I faced my worst fear this past weekend. Spring. Shopping. The thought of wearing pastels literally makes me cringe. I’ll wear black till I die, and I don’t care what time of year it is. Despite this soap box I often find myself standing on, I will be the first to admit that there’s also a trend follower in me. I’m down for crop tops, printed pants, and lip stick, but some of the on-trend styles are stifling. And the lack of originality in spring clothing just kills me.

Ground Breaking

There must be a line. So, for all of my fellow noir lovers out there, here’s a head-to-toe list of how to keep black relevant for Spring.

Black tops

All light, fun, springy tops don’t have to be pastel and flouncy. A silky black top in a Peter Pilotto print or cropped tank work just as well as any. It doesn’t have to be in your face either. A comfy tee with a simple black graphic is easy and understated. Pairing it with simple cut offs or a breezy skirt is easy and keeps that spring in your step. If you’re not in to the “florals for sping” (justified!) you can always accessories with neon. It’s the new pastel.

Black bottoms

Some might hear, “black pants in Spring” and say we’re crazy (especially if you live in Texas), but slip into a high-waisted, thigh-high slit, black skirt, and you’ll be thanking us. This get up (or a cute overall alternative) is more comfortable than any pair of shorts I’ve ever worn. Not a skirt type? Try a pair of airy black leggings with fun cut outs for an edgier look. The great thing about a solid set of black bottoms? They basically go with¬†anything,¬†depending on your mood. Rolled out of bed? Tshirt. Going to the beach? Tank top. Headed to a party? Whatever the fuck kids wear these days.

One Piece

Some of us just aren’t down for pairing tops and bottoms, bottoms and tops, blah, blah, blah. We just want to throw it on, walk out the door, and look good. A jumper is always the way to go, especially if you want something that’s easier to move around in compared to a dress. Whether you need to be beach or wedding ready, the one piece is always a go-to. Of course, a dress is always a snazzy option, too. Remember, black for spring doesn’t have to be in-your-face, gothin’ in up. Accessorizing with black shoes, hats, necklaces, and bags can bring black back, too. So, toss the trends, and ALWAYS remember that black is the new black.

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