Bipolar Weather: Layers, Layers, Layers!

Sometimes the weather here can be so unpredictable, that you’re not sure whether to sport a down jacket or a tank top. This issue is especially emphasized during the transition of the seasons. Stepping out in baggy wool sweater and a pair of jeans on a day which ends up being eighty-five degrees and humid will leave you looking sad and weather-confused. But have no fear! I have found the perfect solution for those of you who live in similar climates of bipolar weather conditions or simply are struggling to dress during the transition of seasons. This magical formula will keep you looking polished and on point, yet still completely functional in keeping you either warm or cool. The answer: layers. I will be demonstrating to all of you guys and gals how to use layers in the most efficient way possible to stay “trendy” yet practical.


Ladies First:



Layer a graphic tee tucked into your favourite pair of high-waisted shorts. for warmth, throw on a knit cardigan with an infinity scarf. these two can be removed if it gets too warm. for shoes, a pair studded loafers will keep this look edgy and cool.
Men’s Turn:
Horizontal stripes are all the rage. layer a warm camel-brown cardigan along with a maroon infinity scarf to keep you cozy. these are optional when it starts to get too warm. throw on a pair of slim-fitting dark wash jeans with some chocolate-brown chukka boots. top the look off with your favourite sunnies and look at you! mr. trendy is in town!

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