New Video: Big Bill – “Forget About Monday”

Photo by Ismael Quintanilla III

Big Bill lends those of us already in the know a helping hand on their latest “Forget About Monday.” When getting a friendly face to give the band an initial chance we try to repackage the feeling of danceable excitement through the disconnect of words absent of experience. It is easy to miss the mark when trying to explain a sound rough enough around the edges to keep the freaks lined up in front of the stage with subtle popish magic reminding everyone in the room to not take themselves so seriously as to miss a glorious chance at letting our shaggy hair catch wind. This video does them justice.

The fingerprints of those we love are all over “Forget About Monday;” directed by John Valley (The Pizzagate Massacre), makeup by JXNART, Sloane and Felix Lenz (Lord Friday the 13th) crafting the wardrobe; the other names attached to this project, Taylor Camarot, Erik Gatling, and Joss Sanromán, are passing over our lips for the first time but no doubt, considering the company they keep, the newness is undoubtedly our fault for not letting them catch our attention before now. Could there be a better representation of the extended family Anon warmly champions? Could a song speak for our collective ethos of holding off those mundaine and weary days of tomorrow by appreciating this moment completely?

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