Photographer and Stylist: Brendan Gosse ( Instagram )


Brendan Gosse studied film production and advertising at Emerson College until realizing that his heart lies in New York City. He left Emerson College and enrolled in Broadway Dance Center to further his dance training. Since being in New York he works as an Art Director for Swoon New York, which allows him to utilize his graphic design abilities. He also has recently been experimenting with film photography after much experience with digital work. He finds inspiration from childhood innocence, darker fantasies, and the movement of the human body. Gosse has choreographed music videos, show pieces and experimental pieces, while also performing in professional and student music videos, commercial films, and club gigs.

The freedom of New York City has got B ready to fucking go. Call him at 732-832-9455 to perform, choreograph, or for a film or photo shoot and he will deliver. You can also check out his portfolio here.