Mixtape Monday: Bearclaw’s Stash by Alex Barclay


This week we asked Alex Barclay of Texas Psychedelia to put together the mixtape. Those of you unfamiliar; Texas Psychedelia began as a communal space online for those in this corner of the world to dig the shared taste in music and culture of a certain vibe. It has quickly grown beyond that becoming a pivotal tool for touring bands to line up places to play and crash for the night while at the same time allowing us a way to keep up on shows happening we would otherwise likely be unaware of. Ultimately it has become a way to cultivate new friendships beyond the ten square miles each of us exists, working as a warm reminder that even though we rub shoulders far less often than we would hope to, still we remain in this together with a shared love drawn from roots which took hold long ago.  Here is what Alex offered up for us all to get leveled out with.

*Alex recommends adjusting your Spotify settings to have a three-second crossfade. He put this together with the intention of a seamless experience.

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