Based in Spain, photographer David Rodríguez has always been attracted to the art world with his love of photography starting in 2013. He bought his first reflex camera and began his training through courses and self-teaching.  His fascination lies in photographing people with risky compositions and an element of surrealism. He remains inspired by works from Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld and Guy Bourdin. Rodríguez prefers creating imaginary concepts and stories not grounded in reality, allowing him to transform his surroundings and challenge the model with unusual situations. The use of his photography techniques, whether high speed, long exposure or something else, is determined by the conceptual preconception he has in mind. Rodríguez is especially interested in Pop Art and captures his work in square format, as if they were the cover of a vinyl record. His future plans involve exploring the world of fashion photography.

His latest project, “Bathers” (2018), is inspired by a photograph of Horst P. Horst of the same name and represents a summer day in which we can see two bathers enjoying the sun and the sea. His series is formed by photographs of minimal characterization, in which simple compositions stand out and blue & white are the predominant colors. The bathers portray sensual and elegant poses under a backdrop of surrealist air. The funds are simple to give greater prominence to the subjects that appear in the photographs. You can find more of his work on his Instagram and Facebook page.
























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