Bands On Our Radar: Paper Spook

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Just like kicking back with your old friend, Berlin-based duo Paper Spook like to indulge in cheap wine, fatty tofu burgers, and lots of terrible guilty pleasure TV shows. The band started playing together in 2015 and have already landed themselves a second EP entitled “Teenage Nightmare”, set to be released both digitally and on cassette tape off Wiener Records later this summer. Vocalist Juju Lund and guitarist David┬áNilles incorporate lo-fi drum machine beats with 70’s garage punk swagger and 60’s bubblegum-pop guitar riffs. They cite influences from The New York Dolls to Blondie and garner inspiration from their city’s ever incessant electronic vibes. Their newest single, “I Wanna Be Your Wildcat”, blasts bright neon background splashes and lo-fi simplicity to their widely catchy lyrics and style. Be on the lookout for upcoming tour dates in the near future.



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