Bands On Our Radar: Muff’s “East Side Love”

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Welcome to the world of Muff, consisting of four pals that play catchy fuzz pop tunes together. Muff was first discovered at a house party in San Marcos, TX, back in 2014. The band has gained enormous strides since, releasing “An EP” recorded by Mich White of dogfight! recs in 2015, and recently released their self-titled album recorded by Dan Holmes at The Soup Kitchen. The band’s music video for “East Side Love” is a scene-by-scene visual representation of Muff’s nostalgic 90’s sound combined with fuzzy guitars and melodic riffs, not to mention the cohesiveness between all four members of the band. Muff’s weaknesses are pizza and pad thai and they usually have David Bowie, Superchunk, Pavement, Yuck and The Smiths’ records spinning. Muff loves you very much.



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All photos taken with Taylor Wallace’s Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super BC


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