Babbling April: A Record Full of Drive and Nostalgia



Upon listening to Babbling April’s self-titled EP, I couldn’t help but immediately play it through once again after the album had ended. Babbling April’s infectious indie-pop-meets-shoegaze ambience takes the listener for a blissful whirlwind of unique sound and euphoric nostalgia. Stemming from Dayton, Ohio, the band meticulously blends in aspects of building soundscapes, energetic drum beats and soaring vocals, and mellow instrumentation.


Babbling April’s first single off their EP, “Sunny Day Records”, stirs up memories of carefree days in weather turned warmer, an anthemic toast to young lovers everywhere. Says Dave New of “Sunny Day Records”, “[t]he song is inherently nostalgic, a memory of the excitement of feeling free and young in a new relationship on a beautiful day, in a 1993 Ford Ranger.” Not missing a beat, “On Breath From Esmé” is an instrumental drive into their dynamic track, “Girl Ima’ Babe”. Here, Babbling April show off more aggressive vocals, complete with power driven guitar chords full of spirit and vigor. The album eases into their final track, “All Around”, a truly encompassing and dreamy track shifting from Vivienne Machi’s airy croon to New’s reflective tone. Babbling April’s record is strong from start to finish, thanks to the variety of influences the band draws upon only to create something unique and truly their own. With their already defined drive and creativity, this certainly won’t be the last we will be hearing of Babbling April.



Don’t miss their upcoming show on May 5th at Blind Bob’s in Dayton, OH, with Rossonian. You can also follow the band on their website and their Facebook.




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