Mixtape Monday – “Aunt Mable’s Mixtape” by Nicholas Fong

As far as looking on the bright side goes; last year gave us a wonderful opportunity to experience the depth of Billie Buck (Sailor Poon) and Nicholas Fong’s (Loteria/Bad Lovers) eclectic record collections as they brought focus on some random vibed great listen throughs by way of their Bacon Fat Radio posts on Soundcloud. Regardless of whether you are already familiar or not, prepare yourself for what will undoubtedly be the most heartwarming mixtape of 2021. Here is Aunt Mable’s mixtape; a timetraveling audio glimpse at both a different time and place as well as a chance to walk around with the memory of someone by way of experiencing what Mable thoughtfully felt worthy of sharing to those she loved. What a uniquely perfect way for us to touch the past!

“Sometimes your family dumps old junk on you they don’t have the heart to throw away themselves. Sometimes that junk is a file box full of dusty mixtape cassettes your great aunt recorded off the radio in the 80’s.

My Aunt Mable died when I was still pretty young, but her personality was big enough to leave an impact that will last a lifetime. She was a short, white haired, Cajun woman with alot of spunk. Most children in the family learned to curse from her, resulting in a mouth full of soap. Often the adults would make us step outside the room, so she could tell dirty jokes. My parents told me, when they lived in L.A., Aunt Mable would mail them copies of her radio mixtapes– I imagine to remind them of where they came from.

I decided to start transferring these to a digital format while they’re still (mostly) playable. This cassette is a fun look through a peephole into what was played on country radio stations of Southeast Texas in 1985. From country, cajun, to corny– I’d say Aunt Mable had a great taste in music. She was an awesome lady. I’m thankful knew her, and I’m glad she can still share her music with me and all ya’ll.”
– Nicholas Fong


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