Artists on Our Radar: Shanna Teresinski

Artist: Shanna Teresinski ( Instagram


Shanna Teresinski was born in Austin, TX and immersed herself in her own creative endeavors and art rather than training at school. Her inspiration comes from those closest to her and capturing the subconscious into a tangible vision. To Teresinski, sometimes pictures and art are the means to best express her ideas rather than by words. For those of you in Austin, you can see and purchase more of her work at Buenos Aires Cafe on E 6th St. She also plays in a synth pop act by the name of Obsolete Machines. 














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  • Priscilla aka mum-mums

    My dearest Shanna..since first knowing you, I have been in awe of your never-ending talents. What a delight it is to view some of your avant garde artwork here. Always stay true to yourself and keep your amazing outlook on life intact.

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