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With such a plethora of social media content and artists to sift through online, we were stoked to come across Marlene Juliane Schindler‘s drawings and artwork on Instagram. Strikingly honest in her portrayal of beauty and bodies, her figures’ expressions exude uncompromising intimacy with each piece of art telling their own story. We had a short chat with her about how she got started with her illustrations and her thoughts on beauty in the giant scope of online media. Be sure to follow us on Instagram today for her takeover and sharing of her art work on @anonmag.


ANON: What first prompted you to start making illustrations? Can you tell us a little bit about some of your early work?

Marlene Juliane Schindler: I’ve always been drawing and it was always about human faces and bodies. Unfortunately I’ve kind of neglected it a bit when I started to study. Then about a year and a half ago I began to draw regularly again when I got myself a drawing pad, as I wanted to experiment with a new medium. I really liked it, because it gave me so many new creative options and since then it is my most used and most liked technique.

This illustration is one of my very first ones and the first one I shared on Instagram. I still really like it, even though I see so many mistakes I made at the beginning. Maybe I will redraw it sometime.




ANON: In what ways do you think social media outlets like Instagram have changed our perception of beauty and the female form?

MJS: Today, in times of social media, there aren’t only big magazines who decide which people are role models, because the users decide who they follow and who they like. By that, I think there is a shift of power towards the consumers. Everyone can brand and stage themselves. People can see a wider range of beauty, like different body shapes, different ethnicities, etc., not only the conventionally attractive “magazine-beauty”. I think that’s a right step towards a more diverse perception of beauty.


ANON: Who are some of your favorite artists? What do you find inspiring about their art?

MJS: Right now I really like following Chloe Wise because she has a very interesting way of drawing women and I like the way she uses lighting. I also like Frances Waite on Instagram because her drawing style is simply amazing. I’m really into Picasso’s paintings of women, especially the ones where he painted his lover Marie-Thérèse. I like Frida Kahlo, Lucian Freud and Matissse.


ANON: Do you have any upcoming projects or series you’re working on now?

MJS: There isn’t a particular project I’m working on right now, but you can always keep up to date by following me on Instagram.


drinking wine












laying on the floor


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