Artists On Our Radar: Joe Gallagher

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Artist: Joe Gallagher


Originally from Tacoma, Washington, and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Joe Gallagher’s perspective on the shift from the pace of living from the West coast to the East coast is depicted in his vibrant and colorful paintings. Containing disproportionate and excessive features, Gallagher’s contemporary style of overlapping characters represents individuals who live and thrive together despite their differing backgrounds. Each face and feature remains distinct and unique, and although some characters may seem to fade in the background while others jump to our attention, they are all universally interconnected and affect the direction that our lives will inevitably take. Gallagher draws inspiration from dream interpretation and his daily interactions with people and nature. Starting Thursday, March 2nd to Monday, March 27th, Gallagher will be displaying five new paintings at Superfine (126 Front Street) in Brooklyn. You can keep updated with Gallagher and his work on his website, Facebook and Instagram.


Times Square dog face_


joe g street art soho 2


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