Artist Spotlight: Remy:Badout

Remy:Badout works in photography structured through Polaroid and film which is then digitally processed. Remy describes the work as “chemistry in perpetual mutation, each result is unforeseen, unpredictable, it always experiences new visual variations that correspond to a vision, as a result to dreams and to the internal and indefinable universe in each of us.”
This latest series is titled MARS.

Remy:Badout – Instagram | Facebook | Website

remy-badout-mars-magazine-1 remy-badout-mars-magazine-2 remy-badout-mars-magazine-3 remy-badout-mars-magazine-4 remy-badout-mars-magazine-5 remy-badout-mars-magazine-6 remy-badout-mars-magazine-7 remy-badout-mars-magazine-10

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