Artist Spotlight: Mel Stringer

Mel Stringer creates a little bit of everything; art portraits, illustrations, a monthly magazine, stickers, buttons. All of it is the absolute cutest!!!!


Now living in the Pacific Northwest, Stringer is originally from Australia. As our hearts collectively break witnessing the wildfire destruction from this side of the world, we can hardly begin to imagine how much more she must ache with it being her own community facing such devastation. Her Kinda Clingy print, beyond being perfect in itself, for the next two days will have the proceeds donated to Wires Australian Wildlife Rescue.

We are limited by how little we can share in a single spotlight.  Everything she shapes has a warm lighthearted honesty to it. Take the time to dive into it. We know you are going to love it as much as we do!

Mel Stringer РInstagram | Commissions | Shop | Patreon 


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