Artist Spotlight: Cassandra Ross

Few artists using the dialogue of mixed-media manage to grasp the enigmatic magnetism attracting us to the soul of that which we love. Cassandra Ross (aka The Electric Sister Scorpio) does just that, speaking personally to her uniqueness in the face of the evergrowing universality of the all while bringing us together through shared love seen in reflected understanding of the muse in which each piece created is inspired by. Take for example the amazing Cher print which feels thoughtfully perfected, Ross mentions the process of its creation, “this collage took me FOREVER to complete. Every single time I tried to make progress on this piece, I just got straight up intimidated by her amazingness. I worried that I couldn’t possibly honor her how she deserved! But hey, I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out. She is TRULY out of this world and damn she looks good.” Somone buy a hundred Anon shirts so we can order a hundred Sister Scorpio prints to line our walls with! Or if you are in a less than philanthropic mood, grab one for yourself from her store. Sleeping on it is not recommended. We already blew our chances at grabbing like six of her prints which are now sold out </3

Cassandra Ross –  Online Store | Instagram