Artist Spotlight: Anastasia Hexahedron – “The Mist”

Anastasia Hexahedron – “The Mist”

Anastasia Hexahedron set to work on her latest series “The Mist” not with a concept in mind but by accident. Having studied through the night into the early morning she got up for a drink of water. Looking out of the window and seeing only an absolute nothingness as the heaviest of fogs covered her city of Yaroslavl, Russia, she grabbed her camera and wandered around the waking dawn dream state of a city appearing abandoned. Her aloneness pressing in with each step. She shied away from silhouettes in the distance. Lights became phantoms. Her imagination ran wild with the strangest possibilities as her thoughts balanced upon the thin confusing edge between hallucinatory and tangible reality made all the more dramatic by her exhaustion. With each picture it felt as though she were capturing relics of a lost civilization in a city now confusing which before never had been anything short of familiarly native.

We will have more from Anastasia Hexahedron featured on Anon later this year, in the meantime let us appreciate a wild moment whose eerie perfection was captured completely.

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