Arthur Moon’s Single “Standing Wave”

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Excitingly disjointed and pleasingly jarring, Arthur Moon first caught my ear with her track “Room” off her 2017 EP, Our Head. Consistently experimental in her technique, award-winning composer/singer Lora-Faye Åshuvud constructs dynamic and moody textures, presenting a refreshing spin on electronic-pop. Often writing her lyrics using cut-up newspaper articles, Åshuvud’s compositions are less straight-forward than they are intuitive in nature, assimilating her music by drawing together individual pieces to assemble something wholly grand in her songs. Her latest release, “Standing Wave”, is the result of a three-year collaboration with producer/bassist Martin D. Fowler (composer for This American Life and The Wilderness). Intentional in its use of space, “Standing Wave” reins in its simplicity and eventually cascades into dizzying soundscapes as Åshuvud’s soaring vocals blend in with the track’s microtonal string arrangements. Juxtaposing her lyrics with travel and stationary movement, Arthur Moon never ceases to surprise and pull the listener into a variety of places all at once. Says Åshuvud of her latest release;


“Throughout the process I was thinking a lot about this physics concept called a ‘standing wave,’ which describes the phenomenon that occurs when two waves moving in opposite directions collide and create a pattern of interference that looks as though it’s not moving, or “standing” in one place. I was falling in love when I started writing the song, and I was having this interesting experience where I was feeling as though my partner and my respective trajectories were so different and yet we were still moving together somehow, oscillating in what felt like this illusion of stillness, much like a standing wave.”


You can listen to “Standing Wave” below:



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