Ariel Pink’s pom pom




Ariel Pink returns with his signature unconventional, psychedelic, muted-pop sound in his latest album. pom pom is overflowing with 17 tracks and lasts for 68 minutes, by far Ariel Pink’s most ambitious album yet. One could say this is his masterpiece, his coup de grâce. What sets pom pom apart from his
other two Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti albums, aside from having a lot more music on one record, is that his sound is much brighter and seemingly more “normal” as far as pop music goes. I only say “normal” because Ariel Pink’s music is still as crazy and nonsensical as ever. Songs can transition from an
electronic pop-fest to retro-rock so seamlessly you barely even notice guitars and drums have started playing. Wild transitions are expected from Ariel Pink, though. The subject matter of the songs are very light, just like the sound. No messages about Native Americans, transsexuals, or materialism here; that’s Haunted Graffiti stuff.  Lyrics are intentionally paradoxical and are delightfully silly. In “Nude Beach a Go-Go” he says stuff like “ramma dilly ding dong” and “surfer billy bing bong” – the whole album is fun and weird like that. Half of the songs I still couldn’t figure out even after getting high as fuck.  pom pom is solid all the way through and every song has its own unique sound that sets it apart from the rest. It’s hard to come by a well put together album without some boring tracks these days and that’s one big reason why this is my favorite album of 2014. If you like anything Ariel Pink has done, you will love this album.



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