Photography: Apache Palace by Elise Boularan

Photographer: Elise Boularan ( Instagram )
Agency: Hans Lucas


I deliberately use a refined vocabulary and a language without any flourish for images from everyday life with a degree of abstraction, which erase all reference points. This photographic work marked by ambiguity is in the form of fragments, strata and combinations. It takes root in researching, experimenting and questioning. I’m attracted to the non-formulaic, which is of the unspeakable and secretive. How does one make visible what is hidden, how to put forward this invisible gesture ? This reflection is always in my work. These representations are like some clues of an enigma, and they conjugate or oppose various meanings. – Elise Boularan
























Born in 1984, Elise Boularan grew up in the South of France and has a Master’s degree in Creation and Artistic Research from the University of Toulouse. She also studied photography at the Toulouse School of Photography. After finishing her academic research and studies, she moved to Paris. She currently lives between Carcassonne, Toulouse and Narbonne,, pursuing a career as a photographic artist.
She has been published extensively and has exhibited in Europe and the USA, notably a solo show in New York in 2015. She has exhibited in Madrid, Denmark, and London, Australia as well as the French Institute of Ukraine, The Museum of New Art (Mona) and The Russell Industrial Center (Mona Detroit) in Detroit; the Instituto Cultural de México, San Antonio, Texas Hill Country, Usa. Her work is in several private collections.
Elise Boularan works also for international and national press and collaborates with musicians and other artists, making the universe of songs match perfectly with her poetical vision. She’s part of the creation studio Hans Lucas from Paris. 


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