ANON Magazine and dubJproductions Present: Featherface Tape Release Party

In need of a mid-week release? Come on down to The Mohawk on Wednesday night for dubJproductions and ANON Magazine’s mixtape party! We’ll be selling pretty vintage goodies and issue one of our magazine for you all, on top of a killer musical line up to boot! We took a moment to ask a member from each band five questions for you to get to know them a little bit better, both on stage and off.





Which On Delay show has stood out for you as your most memorable performance?
Our first show at Hotel Vegas was a heavy hitter and we seemed to be in the groove with everyone on and off stage. We look forward to more good and bad shows for us to learn and grow from.


Do you or your band members partake in any pre-show rituals?
We don’t really have anything specific. For singing, it is good to do some breathing exercises and drink room temperature water.


What’s your favorite aspect about Austin’s music scene?

Austin has so many micro scenes and a great community of like minded bands willing to work together to make shows and bigger things happen. There is so much variety and creativity that leads to some interesting prospects and discoveries.


What bands have been on your playlist as of late?
Our playlists as a band tend to vary from Dinosaur Jr. to Jane’s Addiction to Music from Mali, King Crimson,
D’angelo and old school R&B. We also like to listen to local bands such as The Baffles, Cosms, Whiteman Dancing and more!


Aside from playing music, what other creative outlets do you pursue?

As a band, we all have different interests in enjoying the outside, reading and challenging ideas. Some of us garden and do art as well. Friendships are magic.

– Dieter Geisler






How did Adventure Camp come together?

I came to Austin with the intent to get a new project started. I played with a handful of musicians, filling several roles to help me embody what this music was going to be, but for one reason or another it wouldn’t work out (there were never any hard feelings). Through meeting all these people, chasing new leads and making new friends, the trio that Adventure Camp needed has shown up.


With a recently released three-song demo, what plans does Adventure Camp have for the future?

We’re more concerned with what plans the future has for us! Haha. Although our immediate interest is finishing another three-song EP within these two months, along with sharing our music on stage with some of the great local bands we’ve fallen for.


What five bands would your dream concert consist of?

A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Circa Survive, And So I Watch You From Afar, Desaparecidos, and Title Fight. It may be an eclectic dream concert but you would have a damn good time during each of those sets!


What were your favorite childhood bands?

I grew up on Thursday, Chiodos, Saosin, The Fall of Troy, and The Blood Brothers!


What activities are your go-to when you want to unwind?

I don’t get to unwind, haha. Seven days between two jobs with music before or after. But I love it.

– Clifford Ledbetter






With The Human Circuit’s music video to be released in mid-November, what was your favorite aspect of creating your video for “Time As Proof”?

My favorite part, which I’m certain varies between us each, was noticing how quickly our community was able to come together and create a masterpiece out of a vague idea. We all connected and learned to communicate with each other much better than ever before.


What other musical projects have you been involved in?

I record solo records but tend to keep them a secret. I change my name every time in order to keep it mostly out of sight.  The next project which is planned to be released before December is called Henry Spencer’s Radiator. It’s a full length album titled Inner Sessions. It will be available free for anyone this December.


What’s something very few people would guess about you?

Strangely, I’m also a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bridging Discipline in ethics of healthcare. I practice nursing three nights per week and music/videos the rest of the time.


What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Practice your rudiments and scales. But then unlearn them all.  Play shows – a lot. Go to shows, especially locally – great knowledge and great networking.
Mostly: find your best friends that are musicians and play music with them. Never ever entertain being in a band with someone you can’t respect, love, and defend.

– Mat Oldiges







Having performed as an official SXSW artist and in the X Games in Austin, Texas this year, what has been Featherface‘s most memorable performance to date?
Playing in Manhattan during CMJ for a party that was all Texas bands. Absolute madness with a bunch of Texans as well as locals, all losing our minds in New York City. That was a really strange and amazing energy.


What’s one of the crazier things that have happened while being on the road?
Driving overnight from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL to try to find somewhere to crash on the beach. We stumbled into a super weird community of people living out of their campers on the shore. We fit in really well and watched the sun rise over the ocean.


If you could perform in any city, which one would you choose?
Tokyo. None of us have been there but we think it would be a ridiculous place to play rock and roll music. We want to experience that.


What are some of your favorite local (Austin or Houston-based) bands?
In Austin, we are in love with Holiday, Walker Lukens and The Side Arms, SPEAK, Total Unicorn, and Modern Medicine. In Houston, we are huge fans of The Tontons, The Suffers, Wrestlers, Poor Pilate, New York City Queens, BUXTON, Deep Cuts, and Wild Moccasins.


When you’re not playing with a kickass band, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Watch other kickass bands, eat rice and beans, watch The Simpsons, play really intense games of Monopoly, and kiss girlz.

– Kenny Hopkins


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