ANON Does 4th of July

On Thursday morning, the anniversary of our country’s independence and what-not, the ANON crew here in College Station packed up and headed down the road to “that other town” in Texas. Austin, ya know… Where there is actually something to do aside from venturing over to Northgate or going to the movies for the twentieth time (I have seriously lost count). We were in search of the great 4th of July adventure, complete with a fireworks show that would probably cut deep into the city’s budget. Well, we didn’t get our amazing, cathartic display of gunpowder, but we did get a great deal on sparklers, black cats, and roman candles, along with some quality time spent with our Austinite friend’s, a refreshing swim at the historic Deep Eddy Pool, free snow cones, a view of the local bats, and some great food at the largest Whole Foods Market any of us have ever been to. Here’s some documentation.















The following video is for all the girls who have ever decided to show off their twerkabilities after getting white girl wasted, for a bootylicious loving audience.

Location; the Texas Capitol Building in Austin. (Take that Rick Perry!!!)

TWERK from ANON Magazine on Vimeo.

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We are currently looking for anyone willing to document their travels with a disposable camera for a new series called “Disposed”. Some of these photos are just the first edition to the amazingness that we are looking forward to.

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