Andre Veloux: Building Blocks of Change



British pop artist Andre Veloux expresses social commentary on gender and femininity through the use of a creative medium – Lego bricks. After teaming up with the Krause Gallery in the Lower East Side of New York, they committed to continue working together and will be exhibiting a collection of Veloux’s pieces for the gallery this June. The main focus of his work, entitled Building Blocks of Change, examines the ways women are viewed by society and the expectations that are made of them. A series of his portraits focuses on famous women in the media who have been agents of great changes, ranging from Jane Fonda to Lady Gaga. Another of his series combines different facial features from a variety of women to create a single facial structure, such as with his portrait for Narcissa. His third series, Appearance, tackles the different styles and fashion women wear and defends the right to dress as one wishes.






His use of working with Legos presents a three dimensional and tactile impression on his audience, allowing his viewers the option to touch his pieces, and if they do so to question why. While Veloux use of Lego bricks have static color schemes and structures, the bricks also portray the opportunity for constant flux in his artwork, referring to how our society’s views of women are continually changing.




Narcissa detail

You can find out more about Andre Veloux on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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