An Interview with The Garden


An Interview with The Garden

By: Anthony Flores

I had a chance to meet with and interview The Garden before one of their shows in Austin on this last tour. Asking them all of the questions Becky and I have wondered was great, especially since they were some of the nicest people I have met.  Check out their music via their Bandcamp and follow them on social media to keep up with them for the rest of their tour!

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ANON: So, how did y’all first get involved with music?

Wyatt: Uh, just by playing it in 5th grade. Just playing music, just started playing it. No particular reason, you know – it was there, so we just started playing it.

ANON: What are your inspirations when it comes down to working with new material?

Wyatt: Whenever it comes down to working with new material, just try to progress and try to move forward as much as possible. Have fun with it and make something that you feel proud of and not anything that…you know? Inspired by progression, moving forward, doing new things. I just want to make something that I’m proud of.

ANON: Have either of you attempted a solo project or do you prefer working and creating together?

Wyatt: We both have solo projects. I’ve toured with my solo project a few times. My solo project is called “ENJOY” and his is called “PUZZLE” and mine has actually been going longer than “The Garden”. But yeah, it’s fun to do for both of us on the side.

ANON: Do y’all tour with your solo projects like in the U.S. also?

Wyatt: Sometimes. Yeah, not too much though.

Fletcher: We play around.

Wyatt: We’ve done a show in Japan and we’ve played Austin before.

Fletcher: Not nearly as much as “The Garden” though.

ANON: What was it like to be known as Heidi Slimane’s muse? Did it lead to any cool experiences?

Fletcher: It was fun. It was like three years ago. It was cool at the time but we’ve done a lot since then. At that time it was cool I guess. And at the time it was kind of a new thing.

Wyatt: At the time it opened doors to people that like…it exposed us to people who wouldn’t have seen us in the first place.

ANON: So, I know this is your second stop in Texas. How has it been so far?

Wyatt: It’s been a successful tour. I enjoy Texas.

Fletcher: Yeah, yeah.

ANON: A lot of people say that Austin is pretty “weird”. What has been your weirdest experience here?

Fletcher: In Austin? Uh we’ve had a lot. I slept on the street once under some freeway bridges alone, ran out of money. I wasn’t drunk, I wasn’t on drugs. I just had a really bad turn of events. I’ve had a lot of shitty things happen to me here but I always love it because I look back on it and I love the city so..

Wyatt: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve had nothing but really good memories. But like really good memories here over the past three and a half years. I like it a lot.

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