An Evening with Gabrielle Aplin & Mree

The loud chatters of teenage boys and girls riveted the atmosphere on the evening of May 17th in front of Brick and Mortar Music Hall. The older youth wincing at the conversations of teenagers they are forced to stand next to. The parents and families members of the young tweens grimace at the thought of being surrounded by youth, at a concert of all places. But one entity connects all these people, from all walks of the earth together, the talented, breath- taking performances of two up and coming musicians, Gabrielle Aplin and Mree.

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I stood in front of Brick and Mortar Music Hall taking pictures and polaroid’s with my friends, at my first concert actually at a venue other than an amusement park. I look behind me and in front of me at people of all ages gathered together for a common liking, and I felt connected to them all in some way. Although they were strangers, we have a common interest, and to me, that’s something special. Music in my perspective is one of the most beautiful works of art; it brings people together in a way that is especially intimate. Music speaks to everyone in those few minutes that it is playing through one’s headphones, whether it is on a Friday night alone with only the sound of crickets outside your window or driving down Highway 1 with your friends in the backseat riding into the life ahead of you.

Gabrielle Aplin introduced herself to me through her music on Spotify. Panic Cord made its way on my shuffle, and I couldn’t help but enthrall in the grace of her music.  Those months ago when I was introduced, her music was something I not only listened to through my headphones but something I breathed as if it was air.  Those months ago, I needed something to hold on tightly to when my world felt confused and disordered. Gabrielle Aplin was there for me, and I cannot begin to tell her how much I appreciate it, whether she knows it or not, how much she aided me. When I heard she was coming to San Francisco, I couldn’t live with the fact of missing an opportunity to see her. Mree entered my life later on, but I am especially grateful for the soothing, atmospheric, easing voice that comes across in her music. Mree is an artist that cannot be overlooked. Her music has content and purpose, she elegances anyone in her presence when she walks into a room, so don’t miss the chance of letting her walk into your life and show you what the world could be like.

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Walking into Brick and Mortar Music Hall felt like walking into another life, because so many drove past this venue without knowing how much talented laid in it, and how these people in this place were the blessed acquaintances that cherished the hours of their presence. My friends and I took our spot at the corner of the stage next to the door that would be known to us later as the door that was exited by the Gabrielle and Mree. Although some of the audience wasn’t familiar with Mree, the opening act, she was known to me, and I was so eager to see her live, and honestly, she didn’t disappoint. She soothed me with aerial voice, and she boggled me with her humbleness and enlightening character. She definitely needs recognition from not only the small knit community, but the world.  The bathroom of the B&M was iconic at the least, and I couldn’t help but scribble a little message of my own on the little the stall I was occupying.

Gabrielle Aplin made her way onto the stage, and the whole crowd seemed to gleam up with admiration and reverence. Gabrielle smiled to the crowd, and her English accent made every word seem god-sent. She started off with Panic Cord, and I couldn’t help myself but to sing along to the song that aided me through those months prior. Gabrielle sang every song with the utmost grace and passion, and seeing her live amazed me knowing how much of a genuine artist she is and how she will bloom to become one of the most successful artist this year.

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At the end of both performances, my friends and I were the first people to greet them since we were right next to the door they exited from. Hopefully I didn’t startle them with my eagerness of introducing myself and wanting a polaroid picture, but looking back on it now, it was worth every minute of it. The funniest part of meeting them was when I was taking a picture with Gabrielle, and she was showing my friend how to use the camera, and my friend accidentally took the picture as she was showing her. It was a priceless photo, and I hung it on top of my bed with the rest of the pictures from that evening.

Gabrielle Apin and Mree proved that they’re worth giving money to see; they are certainly going to bloom into two artists that will shape the music industry for the best. Not only do they play their instruments while they sing, they are genuine in their music and character. Although they left San Francisco for a while, check their tour dates and see if they’re coming into a venue near you, and if they are, don’t miss an opportunity to see these two comely, charming, captivating young women play. I wish the best of luck to Gabrielle and Mree, so please make your supporters who stood by you since the start, proud.


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