Amber’s Diary: Livin’ The Dream

Let me introduce myself:  my name is Amber, I take photos, my cat is my soul mate, and I am the coolest person you will ever meet.  That is, until you meet Beyonce.  Right now you may be thinking, “Amber, why are you introducing yourself?” Well, that is because I want you to know a little about myself.  “What are you going to be writing about?”  Well pumpkin, I am here to tell you the story of a small town girl going to New York to live out her dreams!  Cliché?

Yes, I know.

So let’s get to the dream.  The dream is to be front row, sitting next to Anna, while wearing killer shades at every fashion show during fashion week.  I mean fashion month (let’s be real). For now, I will be standing front row, wearing all black, making sure all the guests are sitting where they need to sit.  We all have to start somewhere, and if I have to watch the show standing up, well, that is perfectly fine with me!


I try to be very nonchalant when telling people that I am going to New York to work fashion week.  I mean this IS my second year working shows.  I make it seem like it is no big deal, but in my head I’m screaming like a 12 year old girl at a One Direction concert.  The fact that I get to do this (AGAIN) is uh-may-ziiing.  I really wish that I could take each and every one of you with me.

Since, I can’t take everyone with me I will just have to document.  Over the next week, I will be writing and sharing pictures of my experience at NYFW.  I do know a few of the shows that I will be working, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  So please, keep up with all of my NY shenanigans.  In the words of my old high school, “You’ll love the journey!”



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