Amber’s Diary: Going Out With A Bang

This has been both the longest and shortest week of my life.  There were so many shows that at one point I did not know what day it was.  Alas, NYFW has come to a close and we are moving on to London. But, we are not quite done talking about New York.

Narciso Rodriguez was without a doubt my favorite show to work this season.  Everything was running smoothly… except for a few minor details (but we figured that out).  The collection was very beautifully constructed – it consisted of architectural skirts and dresses with capes.  My favorite dress was the orange dress featured below.  It is absolutely stunning, and I have a feeling that it is going to be everywhere this spring!

ny3 ny2 ny1My final show of the season was the Reed Krakoff SS14 show.  Can we first talk about the shoes?  Neutral toned shoes with a neon cap toe and heel. *SWOON*  I cannot wait to get those puppies on my feet! His collection mainly consisted of muted tones with pops of color here and there – basically the perfect spring combo.  And did I mention that EVERYONE was at this show? Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Hamish Bowles, Miroslava Duma, Rachel Zoe, Nina Garcia, Allison Williams, and Julianne Moore.  This really was the place to be on Wednesday evening.


So, not related to fashion, but still somehow related to fashion:

I had Thursday (my last day in NY) to myself.  I spent the day scouring the streets trying to find the perfect gift for my friend.  Anyways, after hours of looking, I was thinking about going home and resting.  I decided against that and when to a few gallery show openings.  The first was an Irving Penn exhibition featuring his many works.  So it took me about 10 minutes to get through the show and I was ready to move along to the next show.  Both of my friends still had wine in their glass and wanted to get more.  At this point, my feet were screaming! I really wanted to just leave and sleep for the rest of the night, but, I am SO GLAD I didn’t.  While my friends were having their third glass of wine, GRACE CODDINGTON walks in.  I was in shock!  I was thinking, “Why is Grace here? Oh yeah, Penn shot for Vogue.”  Now, I was seeing Grace everyday this past week, but I was not supposed to talk to her because I was working.  But tonight, I had no one stopping me!  So, like a true fashion freak, I stalked her around the gallery and when she had a free moment I walked up to her.  My heart was pounding, my body was shaking, and with a weak voice I said, “Ms. Coddington. I love you so much. You are my idol.”  She smiled, let out a small, sweet giggle and said, “You shouldn’t idolize me.  You should idolize him (Penn).”  She then proceeded to look at the rest of the show.  I walked back to my friend in shock.  I cannot believe I just spoke to THE Grace Coddington.  The one thing on my mind after that was, “I made a complete fool of myself and I am not even dressed well today!”  One day, Grace and I will be in cahoots and we will remember the first time we met and we will laugh and laugh.

I enjoyed sharing my experiences with you, and I hope that you enjoyed them as well.  This won’t be the last time I will be in the Big Apple.  Make sure to follow my Instagram (@amber_rana) to see other photos from my trip!


Until next time, my friends.

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