Ak’chamel: A Mysterious Collective



Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness, are a music collective based out of Texas. Blending together audio and visual elements in textured shadows and overlaps, they aim to stimulate your senses in the most haunting and surreal way. Their most recent project, “My Form Has Been Extinguished”, is a 60 minute VHS film that follows “a faceless shaman who becomes engaged in a cosmic quest to incarnate the primordial spirits of destruction and chaos present in the universe from the beginning of time.” In keeping their identity immaculately hidden, they add an extra layer to their mysterious and psychedelic aura, both on screen and off.


What made you want to start Ak’chamel?

Ak’chamel has always existed.


What is the goal or purpose of your work? Purely art, social change, or something else?

To give you illness.


What is the most common misconception about Ak’chamel?

The mispronunciation of our name (it is simply pronounced ‘Ak-cha-mel’).


What’s the best part about being a mysterious anonymous collective?

Security. When people discover the identity of a witch, they come to your house and chop you up with a machete.


A lot of people want fame and money when they produce something artistic, but with being an anonymous person/group, are your goals different?



Lastly, your work is trippy and psychedelic (and awesome). What inspires you to create this type of art?

Culture. Food. Traveling. etc…



Keep up to date with them on their Facebook page and listen to them on their Bandcamp page.

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