ABURY: Old World Handicrafts With Twenty First Century Spirit

Globally and Socially Minded Fashion Company ABURY Launches Morocco and Marrakech Collections to the US (LOS ANGELES, May 2014). Combining traditional, old world craftsmanship with modern designers, ABURY fosters the production of handmade luxury bags in craft communities across the Eastern world. Available online first the first time to the US, the pioneering fashion label ushers in a new generation of luxury style – one that fosters intercultural exchange and preserves world crafts.

ABURY collections allow craft communities to earn their sustenance practicing their heritage; allowing for a more inclusive and harmonious world economy and building a system that supports independence. Designers are embedded in a craft culture for roughly three months to learn, share ideas and create a collection together. Bringing the best of heritage knowledge and wisdom to high design and sustainable solutions. ABURY shares the profits of the sales with the designers and the craft communities. Each piece is hand-made and produced under fair working conditions.

ABURY is at the forefront of the global economy of fashion, empowering designers to be ambassadors by creating direct impact for positive change in a world impacted by the insatiable consumption of material goods.

Founded by Andrea Kolb 2008 in Marrakech, The essence of ABURY is the belief that the world would be a better place if everyone had fewer things that they treasured, rather than more items of inferior quality and little emotional value. ABURY is working against the taste for quick consumerism with focus on reviving cultural gems by exploring them in a new way – infusing old word appeal for handicrafts with twenty first century spirit. The goal of ABURY is to ensure that people in various regions of the world can earn a living through traditional skills and knowledge. At the same time, ABURY Foundation initiates and supports educational and community projects in these regions. In 2013 ABURY was able to give back 25,200 hours of education to Morocco.


Vintage Berber Handbag, Morocco

Traditionally worn by Berber men on long journeys across the Sahara, a historic Berber fairytale is captured in the embroidery of each bag. Handmade in Morocco with fine goat leather and hand-embroidered in cactus silk.






Tropical Clutch Collection, Marrakech

Each piece is embroidered with natural wool and playful multicolored sequins on a straw-lined body. Handmade in Marrakech.




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