ANON Magazine is an online as well as bi-annual self-published print magazine that is geared toward the independent and creative minded individual. Our intended purpose since starting up in January 2013 is inspiring readers to diverge from the traditional mindset of common style, and strive for bold originality in all areas of life.

To maintain confidentiality and to avoid bias, we give our writers and contributors the option to submit anonymously. Each section contains articles that are unique to varying topics from fashion, photography, opinion pieces, pop-culture reviews and fiction-writing.

ANON Magazine is a non-profit zine funded entirely by our events and our editors. Our mission is to get artists seen rather than making a buck off of up-and-coming creatives. We love and appreciate all of our contributors and continuous supporters. Thank you for being a part of ANON!


Becky Bacsik

Co-Founder / CEO


Becky is a creative freak with a knack for everything from fashion and drawing to photography. She obsesses over vintage things, shoes, and oddities. She has a cat named Yves who is weird as shit, but undeniably cute. Becky has a delightfully morbid sense of humor, which is often displayed in her art. Need a poster? She’s your gal. She also loves to travel and make new friends, so feel free to hit her up on Facebook or Instagram.

Jay Armstrong

Editor-In-Chief / Writer / Event Coordinator


Jay Armstrong began at Anon Magazine as one of our regular contributing writers and somehow—despite our various attempts at shaking him off—has managed to take the lead on the magazine. Yeah, we have no idea how it happened either.  Jay writes with an honest and knowledgeable voice. He is a former editor for Unrecorded, Listen Before You Buy, Onstage Magazine, and Heycoolkid! as well as has contributed writing to various publications along the way. Jay’s main focus has and continues to be facilitating recognition of good people creating unpretentious incredible art that perpetually goes unnoticed. If you enjoy listening to long worded rants on the worst films ever gone straight to video he is just the friend you need.  Facebook and Instagram.

Trish Connelly

Managing Editor / Writer


Trish is the Austin-based guru who does booking and promoting at Cheer Up Charlies under The Nothing Song. She’s always down to collaborate and plan a show or event in town. She’s an expert with mixtapes (for all musicians out there, you’ll want to send her your stuff!), and making connections with the cool kids. She may have a tad obsession with comics and corgies, but she keeps it under control. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Steven Gonzalez


Steven GonzalezSteven Gonzalez goes to far more shows than could ever be seen as healthy. His photography gives him an excuse and we love it. Find him on Instagram here.


Justin Waters

Film Reviews

Justin Waters

Director/Writer Justin Waters has spent years working in and around films. He manages to be knowledgeable without condescending which as we all know through our own individually similar experiences of public discourse around movies is rare. He is currently wrapping up work on his short film Blood Oath. He is a ghost online.


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