Abercrombie Can Go Fitch Itself

I’ve never liked Abercrombie and Fitch for three big reasons:

1) They never had a lot of options in sizes. So, their clothes were tight on me, if they even fit me at all.

2) For the pitiful, uncreative product that you get, the clothes are quite overpriced.

3) Their ads always feature naked people. Why would a CLOTHING STORE need naked people to sell their clothes? It’s obvious, but I’ll state it anyway: their clothes aren’t that great, or even good.


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Aww, the only thing that A&F has to excite people with is their rude, moronic public statements and nasty, sad, sexist (I can go on listing only the negative) sales-techniques. It’s hilarious how A&F thinks that their clothes are actually exciting or not “totally vanilla” when only the most conformist of the cookie cutters of fashion wear their clothes.

Also, are we catching the sexism here? “Lewis said that the only reason Abercrombie offers XL and XXL in men’s sizes is to appeal to large athletes.” So, according to A&F women athletes must also be tiny… which is incongruent with many female athletes I know who are GORGEOUS, and they look thin, they just are not small because of their muscles!


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Since when is any woman whose pants size is above a 10 NOT an “attractive all-American” …”with a great attitude and a lot of friends“? Speaking of, what the heck is “all-American” supposed to mean? Why don’t they just admit that they want to also exclude any one who isn’t white?

I know of several ugly, unpopular, too skinny people with a poor attitude who wear their clothes. This knowledge does not make me unique.

As far as I’m concerned, Abercrombie can go Fitch itself. I hope everyone boycotts. Feel free to read more about this whole subject HERE!

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