A Revived Trend: The Peplum


Shut the front door! Peplum tops are making a comeback, and they are so adorable! These were pretty popular in the 40’s, and now they are becoming incredibly popular again. If you don’t know what a peplum top is, I’ve got a couple examples.

This one here is a pretty basic one. You could wear it with Capri’s or jeans, to pretty much any daily occasion. (Excuse me while I unleash my inner Stacie London here). The awesome thing about these tops is that, it doesn’t matter how much weight you may have gained over the holidays or anything like that, nobody will ever notice! I mean really, everyone needs at least one of these tops in their closet for this reason alone. It flows away from your stomach and directs attention to the smallest part of your body: your waist.

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 2.49.38 AM

Anyway, if you roll into any event wearing one of these, everyone in the room is going to be like “wow, that girl is so fashionable. I wish I could be as cool as her”, and honestly, what girl doesn’t want that? I know I do. You can pair these tops with pearls, or any cute necklace, and it looks perfect. The nice thing is that these tops are sexy, without showing all of your boobs. That is the goal ladies, because we need to learn how to be sexy without our lady parts on display.

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 2.43.42 AM

This striped one is a classy/chic one, so you wouldn’t need to even wear a necklace for this one to work. You could wear this one with a pencil skirt or some black jeggings (sorry I’m a jegging enthusiast. sue me). Anyway, if you want to look classy and high fashion all at the same time get a peplum top. Get one ASAP, like right now, because they are just too dang cute for you not to.



Photo source: blog.buyosphere.com



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