A Real Celebrity: Demi Lovato

A lot of celebrities, whether their forté is in dancing, singing, or acting, put on a performance every day of their lives. They don’t eat enough, look flawless while jogging or getting a cup of coffee, and in a lot of cases, pretend they’re nice, talented people; when in reality, they’ve got egos the size of elephants, and a voice that only sounds pleasant with an auto-tune disguise. While most journalists and bloggers are paying attention to celebs winning the most awards, I’ve been keeping my eye out for the ones who are most resilient against the stereotypes that come along with being famous. One of my most favorites of these is Demi Lovato.


I’ve had a huge obsession with Demi ever since she blew up from Disney Channel’s Camp Rock. I’d go on fan websites, read about her on gossip sites, and constantly listen to her music. She was geared more toward young girls, so maybe I was a little old to be jamming to her music, but I liked her because she had a strong voice both live and in the studio. When she came out with her story about depression and rehab, my girl crush went to a whole new level. Disney Channel stars are portrayed as innocent, perfect people who are always happy and smiling. To learn that Demi has done drugs, had an eating disorder, and had actually gone through extreme hardships and still came out on top, it gave me a whole new wave of motivation and inspiration. Her song,
Skyscraper,” came out around a time where I was in a depression, and I needed something to lift me up. Knowing that Demi had gone through things much worse than I had gave me courage to dig myself out of the hole that I was in. “For The Love Of A Daughter” was also relatable to me because I had some daddy issues when I was younger. So much of her music was full of emotion, and the fact that it was written by Demi herself made it even more personal.


A few weekends ago, I went to the Houston rodeo with my boyfriend because Demi was performing, and he knows how much I love her. He had no problem tagging along because, let’s face it… She’s hot. This kid named Austin Mahone opened for her. His dancing was forced and he wasn’t the best at lip synching. His Justin Bieber-esque music was definitely aimed at pre-teen girls. Needless to say, Demi’s appearance on stage was a breath of fresh air compared to the sixteen-year-old singer who was trying a little too hard for my taste. She sang (not lip synched) beautifully, was overwhelmed with the large audience, and even got emotional because she was back in her home state.

Demi is, you could say, a diamond in rough. She’s not perfect, and she’s made a lot of mistakes, but she admits to those flaws and mistakes, and that’s what makes her perfectly flawed. Do you know any other celebs like this? Maybe even just people in your everyday life who don’t put on a front? If so, I want to know about them!

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