A Rant On The Life Decisions Of My Peers


Last time I checked, I was ONLY 20 years old. So, how is it that every single time I log into Facebook, people that I know are getting engaged, married, and/or having BABIES? Since when did that become okay? That’s basically babies having other babies. I’m not going to say that it’s not possible to find someone this early in life, because I know quite a few people that have, but it just blows my mind that someone at the age of 20 knows who they want to spend the rest of their life with. What on earth is the rush to tie the knot THIS early in life? I know a couple that dated throughout the entirety of high school, and, right at the age of 20, decided to get married. One is an athlete in college, and the other is…well, I don’t exactly know what she does. Why in the world would these two decide to get married right now? Why is everyone in such a rush to grow-up? I love being able to go out with my friends, drink way too much, and just have a grand old time.

A baby and a spouse will completely stop your college-aged life as you know it. If you know you’re truly in love with someone, and really want to spend the rest of your life and bodily fluids with each other, why the rush? In my opinion, the answer why these “kids” are having babies and getting married is immature stupidity. Who knows, maybe it’s an under-developed brain, them being overly dramatic about “never finding anyone who will love them,” or a broken condom; but there are other alternatives to dealing with those situations.

I mean, HELLO, it’s called graduate college, get a job, and then get married.  Do you honestly think that you can live forever off of “your love?” ARE YOU ILL? Love does not pay the bills, and neither does acting like an adult without having the criteria to be one. Also, don’t have a baby until you can afford one. Children require both money and maturity to raise; and, yes, I do mean YOU have to do these things, without the financial or mental help from your parents. Until I graduate, and get hired a a job that I know I can support myself with, you can bet that I will be the one at the bars with tons of friends chugging out of a bottle, not heating one up for my baby.


Photo source: judgmentalobserver.com

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