A Local Texas Find: The Chocolate Gallery

As a student who once lived in a large city, coming to College Station has been a bit of a culture change.  There isn’t much to do in terms of recreation other than drinking, country dancing, and partying (which, I am perfectly fine with, don’t get me wrong but I look for more diversity than that).

Now, if there is one thing you should know about us people who come from larger cities (city slickers if you may), it is that we usually know good food.  So, I was walking around downtown Bryan, TX this past weekend, and looking into all of the miscellaneous shops, when I came across one that particularly caught my interest.  What is this mysterious wonder you might ask?  It goes by the name The Chocolate Gallery.  Just that name makes you want to say “out of my way,” and tread through anyone in the way between you and the glorious flavor of melted chocolate in your mouth that, after a long day, tastes like a nectar made from the gods above.

Photo Courtesy: Kat Kotsanis

Photo Courtesy: Kat Kotsanis

Well, now that I’ve sufficiently made myself look like a chocolate addict (which, I completely am), let me start off by saying that if you are going to look anywhere in town for a real treat, go to The Chocolate Gallery in Bryan, Texas.  It is a true gem in this relatively small town.  When you walk in, you feel very welcomed by their friendly staff.  They will answer any of your questions, as they did mine while I gallivanted through the store.  They will tell you what is in each one; how it is made, and even give you the brief history behind the establishment!  Not only do they have a mouth watering and diverse selection, they also have two large glass windows where you can actually watch the chocolatiers at work.  The atmosphere is very clean, welcoming, and extremely well decorated.  This would be a wonderful place to take a date, your family, or even just on a day you want to treat yourself and cheat on your diet (oops).

When I was there I got two different chocolates, each costing me $3.00.  Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, and yes, for a poor college student, 3 smackaroos is a lot for chocolate, but not for THIS chocolate.  The money that I spent on this deliciously rich chocolate was well worth it, and I will definitely be a repeat customer.  The two that I tried were the “Blue Suede” and the “Dr. Pepper” flavored chocolate.  The “Blue Suede” was to die for, because it had caramelized peanut gianduja, with a milk chocolate banana ganache in a milk chocolate shell, AND it was coated in a bright royal blue dust (as pictured).  It was absolutely wonderful!  The Dr. Pepper one was also, without a shadow of a doubt, always going to be a classic choice.  It is one of their best sellers, and might be considered one of the “safe” choices, but don’t underestimate its delicious and rich flavor!


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Amongst their diverse selections of chocolate, they also offer cupcakes!  I tried one of their classics, the “Aggie Velvet.”  This cupcake was simply one of the best I have ever had.  It was a red velvet cupcake with a Dr. Pepper center, butter cream icing, and a Dr. Pepper drizzle to top it all off.  In addition to offering cupcakes, they also offer cake-decorating classes on the weekends.  Those are definitely something I plan on trying in the very near future!  Please check this place out if you’re looking for something a little different to do in the area! I am a huge believer in supporting the local businesses in the area that make towns like downtown Bryan so unique.


If you would like to check out their website you can find it here:



Their contact information and address is right here:

The Chocolate Gallery

211 North Main Street

Bryan, TX 77803

(979) 779-2804

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