A Daydream From Another Planet: River Jones’ Official Music Video For “Pure”



Collaborative chance encounters are always thriving in the city of Austin, Texas. Back in June, River Jones partnered with local indie pop band Tele Novella for a music video shoot they had scheduled and just so happened to meet Lorelei Linklater, director Richard Linklater’s daughter. Both Jones and Linklater spent the day decked out in blue makeup and alien costumes and the two artists stuck up an undeniable friendship. During a road trip to Dallas singing along to Elliott Smith, the duo decided to collaborate on Jones’ music video for “Pure”, a track he had written days before meeting Lorelei. Within a week the video was recorded and features Linklater’s gorgeous psychedelic dream-spanning artwork cascading in the background. “Pure” was mixed with Stuart Sullivan (Sublime, Butthole Surfers, Mean Puppets) and Carter Greeves at Wire Recording Studio in Austin, Texas. The track was also mastered at the world-renowned Abbey Road Studio in London, home to the likes of Pink Floyd and The Beatles.


Jones’ music video for “Pure” reverts to familiar surroundings where he initially drew musical inspiration from, like bookmarks signifying important scenes and connections to his songs. Scenic views of nature and Linklater’s kaleidoscopic art dripping with vibrant swirls and blends of color stain “Pure” with hazy dream-like qualities of two lovers intimately entwined yet physically detached from each other. Jones’ sole desire is to find “a love that’s pure” and even when this life has come and passed, he’ll still be watching over her as a cloud in the sky. Both Jones and Linklater’s melodious and soothing vocals blend seamlessly together, captivating the listener and creating a bittersweet world to fully immerse oneself in.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxT3mxWcXGc[/embedyt]

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