Artist Spotlight: Sean Sczepanik

Artist Spotlight: Sean Sczepanik

Often when we ask an artist to tell us a little about their work what we get back is a long articulated meandering on blossoming lilies representing oppressed labor awakening to their own beauty or whatever. There is nothing wrong with that; we appreciate metaphorical flowers as much as the next person. It is certainly refreshing to have in mind what we would like to articulate about Sean Sczepanik’s craft and having him say it verbatim. “My work tends to intertwine both comedy and debauchery. When I’m not painting portraits and commissions, I always rely on my love of cartoons, horror, and punk rock for inspiration.” Quickly Sean sums up all of what strikes us as notably memorable without grandiose art speak. We love it. Fun horror inspired by rock n roll; kindred art of the purest form.

Having first caught his paintings at Wes Coleman’s Tin Whistle Art Gallery (5305 Bolm Rd.), keeping up on what projects he has shared via Instagram ever since has been uplifting with each new share. If you dig his style but have something more specific in mind, reach out, his commissions look great. The next Sczepanik show on the books is in October for Halloween at Magnolia Cafe ( 1920 S Congress Ave.), see y’all there.

Sean Sczepanik – Instagram



Sculptures by Sean Sczepanik



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