Arthur Moon’s Single “Standing Wave”

    Website || Facebook || Instagram Photography: Lissy Elle Photography   Excitingly disjointed and pleasingly jarring, Arthur Moon first caught my ear with her track “Room” off her 2017 EP, Our Head. Consistently experimental in her technique, award-winning composer/singer Lora-Faye Åshuvud constructs dynamic and moody textures, presenting a refreshing spin on electronic-pop. Often writing her lyrics using cut-up newspaper articles, Åshuvud’s compositions are less straight-forward than they are intuitive in nature, assimilating her music by drawing together individual pieces to assemble something wholly grand in her songs. Her latest release, “Standing Wave”, is the result of a three-year collaboration with producer/bassist Martin D. Fowler (composer for This American Life and The…

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    Member’s of Wall/Beverly Release New Track “Fate/Glory”

    Photo by Colin Sussingham & Josie Keefe   Too often do newly formed supergroups lose sight of their aspirations and ambitions, yet New York based quartet Public Practice reign in their individual strengths with their upcoming debut EP, Distance is a Mirror. Including members from post-punk act WALL and dream-pop band Beverly, singer Sam York, guitarist Vince McClelland, synth/bassist and vocalist Drew Citron, and drummer/programmer and producer Scott Rosenthal combine stark yet danceable grooves in their lead single, “Fate/Glory”. York’s smoky vocals chant over convulsing guitars, a twist on one’s perception and chock full of pleasurable contradictions as it bounces from steady hooks to a final surge of energy in…

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    Mixtape Monday: Beautiful Misinterpretations

      Sextile – Paradox Peel Dream Magazine – Pill Love Jerks – Apocalyptic Make-out Single Lash – Come True Silent Forum – How I Faked the Moon Landing Twin Studies – Still Life Many Voices Speak – I Saw You Pearl & the Oysters – Vitamin D  


    Interview with a Glampire

      Models: Felix Lenz + Laura Minor Photographer: Sloane Lenz Wardrobe: THIS IS SLOANE – Collection 7 Shot in Montgomery, Alabama, Interview with a Glampire unravels a gamble and balance of good luck versus bad luck, of characters being a little out of their element and forced to reckon with the situation.              


    THRIVE: Aligning Your Passions, Finding Wholeness and Creative Work with Kate Hayes

    Welcome to Thrive! A weekly advice column for creatives and the generally confused.    This month I am interviewing Kate Hayes an independent leadership coach about finding wholeness, what coaching is really all about, and getting to the center of your creative work.   1. I love being a “slash” personality. I am a writer/poet/brand manager you’re a Leadership Coach/Facilitator/Director working with nonprofits. Among many other things! Why is it important to combine our interests and how can someone do it successfully? I love it too! It certainly keeps life interesting (as a rule, I try to avoid saying “busy”) and is a great way to pursue multiple passions at the same time. I’ll…

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    New Crush: Fanclub

    New Crush: Fan Club by Jay Armstrong After all these years hanging in the back refusing to acknowledge beyond waning disinterest the failed synth attempts to sell pop for popularity one could easily grow weary and suspect of all things falling in that direction.  Never though will that be the case, I sit candle lit in late night hours window waiting for something affecting, honest, simple to calm it all in suspended moments. Long has it been since someone has done it right in Austin. Could The Golden Ghetto have been the last? Maybe one of Mark Tonucci’s projects has come along since which is slipping my mind, certainly nothing…


    Under the Blue Light with Pearl Charles

    Artist: Pearl Charles Photographer: John Allen Producer: Nathan Edge HMU: Kate Leatherwood Styling: Nicky Turner   Inspiration for this photoshoot was taken from retro photography, a mix of psychedelia and screenshots from The Holy Mountain. Organic patterns were mixed with linear symbolism to evoke ethereal mysticism. All images were taken on 35mm film.                    Under the Blue Light with Pearl Charles   Over the sounds of crying cicadas and under the blue light of a much needed bug zapper, I caught up with Los Angeles singer/songwriter Pearl Charles in the middle of her coast to coast US summer tour. Following the show…