From Cuba With Love

    Photographer: Amber Rana ( Instagram )   Cuba is a country stuck in time: vintage cars from the 50’s and mid-century modern architecture painted in beautiful pastels. Although beautiful, buildings are crumbling and there is a lack of technology. However, it was refreshing to be off the grid and take in the culture, people, and history of a country somewhat unknown to the United States.                                  


    This Is Sloane: Collection 6

    Photographer: Sloane Lenz Wardrobe + Styling: Sloane Lenz Location: Paula and Raiford’s Disco in Memphis, TN Models: Feliz Lenz || Grace Lee || Anissa McHenry || Jen Hall Burris || Morgan Prewett || Dimple Kumar || Lola   This shoot was for my most recent collection, ‘Collection 6’. ‘Collection 6’ is what you’d get if Elvis’ secret half brother Orion (google “Orion Reborn”) and Annie Oakley were partying at Studio 54 on Mars. I wanted to create these little ‘Sloane Rangers’ who embodied this western energy, but while also being really mod and fluid, almost like they dropped in from space and are obsessed with Elvis, so they’re trying to…


    Dear Thrive – How Do I Start My Personal Essay?

      Welcome to Thrive! A weekly advice column for creatives and the generally confused.   Dear Thrive- When writing personal essays do you start with a story from your life you understand or do you use the writing of the essay to make connections? I want to start writing pieces like this but I never feel like I have well-rounded tales to tell. -Personally Square —   Dear Square, I love that you’ve asked this question because I’ve been attempting to get back to my own essays. I took some time off to collect my thoughts and feelings but lately it has felt like I’ll never go back. Thanks for…

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    Mixtape Monday: All Remains Clear

      The Royal They – Sludgefucker QWAM – Dirty Feet Elan Noon – Blue Fringe Class – Parakeet Candace – Grays Tango With Lions – What You’ve Become Soft Wounds – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles cover) Moderate Rebels – God Sent Us     Want to be featured in an upcoming mixtape? Send your track(s) to Trish Connelly at anonmagazine1@gmail.com to be considered!  

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    A Stark Release in a Senseless World: An Interview with Death of Lovers

    Photography: Ben Rayner   Often our patience is tried in the years anticipating a band’s release, but Death of Lovers proves their craft is worth the wait. Following up to their 2014 EP, The Acrobat (released last November off Dais Records) is a remarkable album drawing forth nostalgic 80’s synthscapes yet pulses with a distinct vision and voice. Amidst a perpetually busy touring schedule with Nothing, the quartet’s small pocket of recording time for their LP  still allowed their innovation to thrive, juxtaposing polished with rawness, the grittiness of life with light at the end of the tunnel. Death of Lovers has announced three upcoming tour dates with fellow Dais…

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    Lou Rebecca’s “Tonight”

      Simultaneously an emblem of the past and a curtain drawn open towards the future, Lou Rebecca’s uncanny pop sensibilities are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. With her delicate, silky voice enticing you in both English and her native French, Lou’s inherent knack for captivating performances and choreography have immediately won over audiences in the synth scene for the last several years. Released last week on Austin, Texas’ Holodeck Records, Lou’s long awaited self-titled debut encompasses infectious pop-ballads and dreamy dance anthems to conjure the romantic in all of us. Her self-directed music video for the first track off her EP, “Tonight”, stars both Lou and Ramesh Srivastava (frontman…


    Thrive Anti-Resolution: Do What You Can With What You’ve Got

    Welcome to Thrive! A weekly advice column for creatives and the generally confused.   Happy New Year! We have officially made it through our first week of 2018. I hope you are all still feeling the energy of last week as we and those around us felt the cleansing power of a calendar flip and a year change. I have always loved New Year’s Eve, not just because I tend to be a bit of an idealist, but because I love the optimism it puts in just about everyone else too. It gives us the strength to clean off the slate and say, “I can do better” or “I finally…


    Artists On Our Radar: Sue Gent

    Website || Instagram || Facebook   Sue Gent is an illustrator based near Bristol, UK. She is inspired by mythology, history and the natural world, and her work combines traditional techniques  such as linocut, screen-printing, pen and ink, and painting with software to create bold and colourful illustrations. She works mainly in editorial illustration, and recently completed cover designs for author Joanne M. Harris, among others. With a background in film-making (specifically dark animated short films and music videos for Bolexbrother and Collision Films) she also produced Radiohead’s award-winning “There, There” video.                    

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    Film Review: Call Me By Your Name

    It is no simple task to express the alive and the confusion of touching the all in those fading days of youth when the near violent sweep within us from weeping sadness and blind burning excitement shifts in a single breath leaving us lost as our knowledge fails us beneath the screaming of our hearts swaying in the now. How hard it is to put into a thousand words by the most skilled writers such a complex period of life and yet Guadagnino has done just that. Call Me By Your Name reads more than is watched, it is an impressive timeless film to say the least, no compliment would…

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    Mixtape Monday: Free Week ATX

    Free Week in Austin, Texas is the best excuse to beat the cold and lethargy that sometimes sets in in the cold month of January. For an entire week, venues located in the historic music district of downtown open their doors to the hustle and bustle of attendees eager to find their next favorite local act, see familiar faces and perk their ears to new sounds that the city has to offer. With a multitude of live acts all within a few blocks of each other for the unbeatable price of free, what’s not to love about the start of the year in Austin’s music scene? We’ve highlighted a couple…



    Looking to start this new year off on a creative high? It’s a good a time as any to submit your goods to ANON Magazine! Our 9th print issue is centered on what’s to come: THE FUTURE IS OURS highlights your hopes, dreams, actions, and energy for 2018 (and beyond) in the form of illustrations, paintings, collages, (film) photography, comic strips, poetry, short stories, opinion pieces, interviews, and collaborative pieces. As long as it fits on paper we’re so stoked to see it! ANON Magazine thrives on individuality, creativity, and unique voices on an international level — all original work is absolutely welcome for consideration. For those submitting photography and…