5 Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Actually Work

Summertime means a lot of things to a lot of people: sunshine, swimsuits, sno cones, and sand in your shorts. But, for some people, summer means leaving school and having to deal with the whole long distance relationship business. This can be challenging if you’ve never had to deal with it before. But, hopefully these tips will help you and your loved one make it all the way to the end of summer. Then, you two love birds can have your own cinema moment, slow run towards each other, and jump into the other’s arms.



  1. Plan ahead: Summer schedules can be hectic, it’s important to schedule a time when both of you are able to talk. Whether it be texting, talking on the phone, or sending smoke signals to the other one, make sure you plan a time when you are able to focus solely on the other person.
  2. Trust: If both of you are serious enough about each other to commit to embark on the challenge that is a long distance relationship, then you should be able to at least trust the other person. Second-guessing where the other one is on a Saturday night spent apart isn’t going to help anything. If you want to make it work, trust must be central to the relationship.
  3. Communicate: It’s harder to convey your love to your beau when you can’t do it physically (sorry kiddos, the tech masters haven’t yet perfected virtual hand holding). It’s important to tell that special someone that you care about them, using your words. So, if you two haven’t perfected communication yet, long distance is precisely the thing to help you along.
  4. Fall back in love with yourself: Instead of spending your time pining over your loved one, spend time getting to know yourself again! Think of this time as a precious opportunity to get to do all the things you used to love doing, but haven’t since you DTR’ed it. Spend time with long lost friends, work on your short game, and eat all of the Chinese food you want (for those of you who suffer from a relationship with one sided love for Lo Mein). Who knows, maybe you can even bring all the things you love to do by yourself back to your relationship! Share your interests and loves with that special someone!
  5. Keep your head up: Don’t despair. The summer doesn’t last forever. Try to remember that the summer will, eventually, come to an end, and you will see that other person again. I know from experience that this can be the hardest part of a long distance relationship, but try to look towards the future. Remember all of the reasons why you two were willing to put so much work into making long distance work in the first place.



 Long distance can be hard, but with these tips you two lovers are bound to survive the summer!



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