Wearing white after Labor day has always been seen as taboo, that is until NOW *cue the cool theme music*. Okay, maybe its not such a big deal – the untrained eye would wear white any day… but c’mon, does a white t-shirt with some form of athletic shorts count as fashion? No, I didn’t think so. If you said yes, you need help.


1. No White After Labor Day is so last year. Really. If you’ve kept up with the latest fashion shows or celebrity fashion gossip, or at least watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you’d know that everybody’s wearing white right now. Why? Because white is a great color, and that rule is incredibly stupid. Which leads to…

2. White is a great color. Who in the world doesn’t look good in some shade of white? NOBODY. My point precisely. Everyone can rock white – that is a fact.

3. Have you seen these clothes? From designer to affordable stores, the clothing in white is looking killer this season. You have white suits, white shoes, white dresses, white sweaters – and it’ll all make for one hell of a white Christmas.

…Get it? White Christmas? Okay, whatever. My puns are great.

4. Ryan Gosling would do it, so you should too. Enough said.


5. Because you could look like this: