4 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Fitness!

Now, everyone knows that summer coming along means that we all have to have stunning bodies. However, I am gonna be honest. I am still in winter mode. There are so many ways to work out without breaking the bank. I am going through the same pain, so follow what I am planning on doing.


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1. Pinterest

I have found some very awesome techniques and ideas on Pinterest. There is nothing better than to have one site that is so diverse in healthy food and workout ideas!

2. Television Workout

Now when I say this, I do not mean you have to buy a DVD set and have some random man or woman yelling at you on the television. I mean you could easily watch your favorite television show and work out during the commercial breaks. Everyone knows that commercials are roughly 30-60 seconds or even more. Use those times to do lunges, sit-ups, push ups, or wall sits. That way when the show comes back you will be even happier to watch it.

3. Walking through the neighborhood, city, or park

Make sure for safety reasons you have a friend or partner with you. Having someone else will keep you committed to your workout schedule as well. I have found that it is fun to run a mile and walk a mile. Run and focus on yourself and when walking you can talk and catch up. Another great idea is getting a group of friends together and playing some sports. Whether it’s soccer, Frisbee golf, or swimming in a pool, any sort of exercise in the sun will keep you happy and give you vitamins.

4. Simple little things

It’s the little things that count. Don’t take the elevator or escalator. Take the stairs instead. Do you really need to drive your car down the street to go get groceries? Go bike or walk! Clean the house because any sort of movement can help.

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