$3 Shows Fundraiser for Lobo Sucio Creative

Lauren Bruno, founder of $3 Shows, has worked with large non-profits for several years. After a while, she turned her sights on smaller, locally-based groups. When she saw that local non-profit groups didn’t have a budget for events or promotion, due to all of their money going toward their missions, she told us, “I saw a need to really help these organizations… put together a worthy event to showcase what they’re doing.” During our phone interview, she stressed Community, Collaboration, and Cross Promotion, or what she called the Three C’s. These 3 C’s are what she strives to accomplish with $3 Shows. “I want people… to walk away with a new mindset.” All of the money from $3 Shows goes back to the organization that they are partnering with for the event, taking the focus away from the monetary and back on the idea of community. Some past organizations they have teamed up with include Energies Balanced, a yoga community, Dub Academy Electronic Music School, and Square Patrol, a scooter organization that picks up party people who shouldn’t drive.

Lauren Bruno is the creative force behind Les RAV, described as a “riveting female fronted and piano driven, quirky chamber-pop group featuring dark, yet inspirational folk music that explores the central nervous system, the human heart and other curiosities.” Ever known for her incessant drive to help Austin’s local music scene and be involved in the community, her passion stems from “want[ing] to help musicians with promotion and give them a venue that provided an installed crowd and something beyond money.” $3 Shows is creating an ecosystem where the focus is on things that aren’t monetary. “We want to let people know that it’s about coming together and creating a supportive community.” The 3 C’s!




The next $3 Show will take place this Saturday, September 20th, at Swan Dive in Austin, TX. The event will be a fundraiser for Lobo Sucio, a creative collective with involvement in music video for Austin-based bands, film, and promotional production, still photography, graphic design, and much more.



Alongside Loco Sucio Collective will be Set.fm, a company that records live events for free to help bands promote, The New Movement comedy stand-up group, Nathan Wilkins from Hikes, Moving Castles, Eyelid Kid, SORNE, and sounds from Weak Willed, Retr05pect, Notes Floats, Corduroi, and Eroda One. You can also expect fire dancing, henna, tarot card reading, free kombucha, and popsicles that’ll give you the sense of a night bazaar at Swan Dive, a venue no stranger to live music, vaudeville, and burlesque acts.

Click here to RSVP to $3 Shows this Saturday!



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