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New Video: Loteria - "Rhythm Revue"

New Video: Loteria – “Rhythm Revue”

For those who might be unfamiliar; when someone says "Austin music," either with acute awareness or down on the collective subconscious level, they are talking about Loteria. 
New Video: Dena Hope - "Stay"

New Video: Dena Hope – “Stay”

Mentally synth. Viscerally glam. Dena Hope's video for "Stay" is one hundred percent pop in as comfortable and relaxed sense possible. It is all looks and lighting on this Samara Simpson directed experience.
New Video: Calliope Musicals - "Color/Sweat"

New Video: Calliope Musicals – “Color/Sweat”

As with the 2019 album in which this is the title track from, we witness here yet another moment where Calliope Musicals prove to us they have an acute grasp on their collective output; stunning us by their growth and intriguing us along with their familiarity. Truly the band, their music, and this Jerry Sparkman...
Mixtape Monday: Incorruptible Deconstruction

Mixtape Monday: Incorruptible Deconstruction

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