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New Video: Dry Guy - "Something To Do"

New Video: Dry Guy – “Something To Do”

Disaffected. Restless. Malcontent. If the collective unconscious had a talent beyond stoking the coals beneath our neurosis and honing in on the malaise of our be-here-now reality—learning bass perhaps, possibly figuring out how to structure a few minutes of noise—then no doubt in this foul-year-of-our-lord-Lemmy, "Something To Do," the quarantine inspired video from Dry Guy,...
Mixtape Monday: Coronuhhhhh

Mixtape Monday: Coronuhhhhh

After keeping our heads down for a few weeks while learning to cope with our current reality, here is a mixtape of songs which have stood out along the way either lifting us up or introspectively settling in an oddly fitting way. Do what you can to try staying positive. Remember we are going through...
New Music: Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad - "Tiger's Den"

New Music: Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad – “Tiger’s Den”

Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad are not a band solely hyping us on where they are, nor is it the unexpected notable progress we feel from them at every show played, it is where they are going getting us excited to be in proximity of what they are doing.

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