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Artist Spotlight: Anastasia Hexahedron - "The Mist"

Artist Spotlight: Anastasia Hexahedron – “The Mist”

Anastasia Hexahedron set to work on her latest series "The Mist" not with a concept in mind but by accident. Having studied through the night into the early morning she got up for a drink of water. Looking out of the window and seeing only an absolute nothingness as the heaviest of fogs covered her...
Video Premier: Crocodile Tears - "Tuned Out"

Video Premier: Crocodile Tears – “Tuned Out”

Crocodile Tears make date music for the blank generation, cruising music for the down and outs,  and are about as safe as good rock n roll can get. If this were 1980 they would rule the world.
Film Review: Terminator: Dark Fate

Film Review: Terminator: Dark Fate

REESE: No you don’t get it Sarah! If it kills you it won’t know what to do. It’ll start a loveless marriage with a woman. It’ll get a job and move into the middle class. It’ll spend weekends drinking beer and watching TV. It’ll grow a conscience! It’s life will be boring Sarah! So very boring....
Film Review: Bong Joon-ho - "Parasite"

Film Review: Bong Joon-ho – “Parasite”

Parasite ultimately expresses the faceted characteristics in ourselves as a healthy balance, the possibilities and pendulum swings from one emotion and style of thinking to another defining us as complex individuals; Bong Joon-ho shows us the balance which can be created within the house of ourselves. Then in his typical unique way shows what happens...
Mixtape Monday: A TOTAL Mood

Mixtape Monday: A TOTAL Mood

Crocodiles | Frankie Teardrop Dead | SVT | The Last | Reigning Sound | The Tough Shits | The Kidnappers | Love, Jerks | Suzi Quatro | Bottomfeeders | The Wild Swans | Mood Six, Shiv Hurrah | The Someloves | Iguana Death Cult | Keith West | Plums | Frosty Palms | Sophie Meiers...
Album Review: Warish - Down In Flames

Album Review: Warish – Down In Flames

Everything about Warish is off the cuff and hazy; they are equal parts walking through the horror section in the glory days of mom and pop video stores coupled with that experience felt playing the mixtapes your cool uncle or cousin snuck into your hands from time to time to show you a world far...
Film Review: Bong Joon-ho - "The Host"

Film Review: Bong Joon-ho – “The Host”

With Bong Joon-ho’s latest Palme d’Or winning film “Parasite” opening recently in theaters, we continue our celebratory look back at this wonderfully vibrant director’s earlier works.
High Fashion Halloween: DIY Fashion Show | Drag | Dance Party!!!!!!

High Fashion Halloween: DIY Fashion Show | Drag | Dance Party!!!!!!

If Jackson Montgomery Schwartz does not top your list of favorite fashion artists then obviously you have yet to see any of his work. Everyone else feels pale and tired after looking through one of his photo shoots. Jackson is one of the rare ones to understand fashion can be cool, it can feel alive,...
New Music Video: The Sun Machine - "Cumbia de Lagrimas"

New Music Video: The Sun Machine – “Cumbia de Lagrimas”

Austin's teen sensation hearthrobs The Sun Machine are out to prove there is more to junior high than homework and sleepovers. They do a damn fine job at doing just that on their latest grindcore/dreampop hit "Cumbia la Lagrimas."

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