• Love, Dating, and Other Things That Suck

      At almost every family gathering my aunts and uncles tell stories about how they met each other, about when they were dating, and about their wedding day.  Their stories seem so far removed from the way most people date now.  In their experiences it was always that they met, they liked each other, they were exclusive, and they eventually either got married or broke up. It’s so much more complicated now. We meet someone; we like them, but do they like us? We hangout, but are we dating? Are you seeing other people? Wait, do you still like me? Should I text you? Modern dating is one of the…

  • Mixtape Monday: Cheez-Tits

    Mixtape Monday: Cheez-Tits from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio. Geri – Superhumanoids Prove to Me – Seapony Pretender – Black Marble Toil – Unnatural Helpers Hyacinth House – Cheval Sombre I Used to Let You Get to Me – Generationals (Into the) Atmosphere – Dusted Getaway Tonight – Opossom Kites – Geographer Where I’m Going – Cut Copy You Got Me – Generationals Got It – Gringo Star True Love (feat. James Bay) – Montag Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio

  • Prides Presents: The Seeds You Sow

    Innovative and infectious synthpop trio, Prides, will release “The Seeds You Sow” 7″ and digital single on March 18 in the U.S. The band just released a new video for “The Seeds You Sow,” which is available to post and share via YouTube. Earlier this month, The Line Of Best Fit premiered the track, which is also available to stream via SoundCloud. Prides just announced a spring tour that will include performances at the SXSW Music Festival as well as major U.S. cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C.  The Glasgow based band of three, Prides, formed in 2013 out of the ashes of several local bands. They premiered on the internet last summer with their track “Out of…

  • Order Your Edition of ANON Magazine!

      The first time you do anything is always special – if not for the experience itself, than from the knowledge you gain from doing it. Thankfully, this was a bit of both for us at ANON. As we continue to grow and improve, we may look back one day and laugh at where we are now. However, right now, we are incredibly proud of this, our inaugural print edition of ANON Magazine. Order a copy here and be a part of the beginning of something special. – The staff.

  • Mixtape Monday: This Shit Is Dope

    Mixtape Monday: This Shit is Dope from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio.   Cocoa Butter Kisses (ft. Vic Mensa & Twista) – Chance The Rapper Track Two – Ab-Soul Crawl – Childish Gambino 25 Bucks Feat. Purity Ring – Danny Brown Mathematics – Mos Def Shake Ya Tailfeather – Murphy Lee, Nelly, & P. Diddy Hope Dies – Zeale IFHY Ft. Pharrell – Tyler, The Creator  Summer Knights [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] – Joey Bada$$ All Falls Down feat. Sylena Johnson – Kanye West Party and Bullshit – Ratatat, The Notorious B.I.G. RUN! (Ft. Thundercat) – Vic Mensa

  • What We’re Loving: Clashist

    The first collage I ever made was for the 100th day of third grade. I (aka my mom) cut out 100 pictures of Elmo and pasted them on to a poster. The second collage I ever made was a deranged combination of Vogue and Tiger Beat cut-outs and Lisa Frank stickers, but mostly just pictures of teenage heart throbs. So, in memoriam of the day after the day of love, we bring you Clashist. The collage has grown up but remains deranged, nonetheless. Clashist has taken the faces of Billy Murray, James Franco, and Zach Galifianakis and brought them to the masses on t-shirts and leggings. I don’t know about…

  • Valentine’s Gifts for US.

    Typically, in the U.S. we see Valentine’s as yet another holiday to buy your significant other a gift (as if birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries weren’t enough). Most people even see it as a day where just girls expect gifts and romance and all that garb. It’s a holiday for your girlfriend, right? To celebrate how great she is? WRONG. It’s about the BOTH of you. So why not celebrate it in that fashion? Valentine’s shouldn’t be the largest teddy bear available or two dozen red roses with a cheesy heart shaped box of Walmart-grade chocolates. Instead, here are some fun ideas so that you can celebrate both of you in…

  • Men’s Obsession: Fashion Week

    So many fashion shows, men’s included, have weird clothes that look cool, but you could never wear them. Not in the states at least. So, we found three Fashion Week looks that are ready-to-wear and won’t make you look silly. Jack Spade’s collection absolutely killed it this year. Full of great suits and lots of fall-appropriate colors. This is a great example of the nearly one-toned suit with simple variations. A dark brown bag, with slightly lighter shoes, lighter even suit, and the lightest shade on the shirt. It is finished off with a black tie and a lapel flower to match. Fall’s version of blue on blue on blue looks…

  • Mixtape Monday: will u b mine pls

    Mixtape Monday: will u b mine pls from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio. If You Wanna – The Vaccines Call Me Back –  The Strokes Baby’s Arms – Kurt Vile Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones Your Ex-Lover Is Dead – Stars All You Need Is Love – The Beatles The Tale of You & Me – Wild Child Elenore – The Turtles Your Touch – The Black Keys West Coast – Coconut Records Bad Bad Love – Alexander I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men I Got You Babe – Sonny & Cher All The Pretty Girls – Fun. Roses – Outkast

  • One for the Locals: The Black and White Years

    Picture, if you will, the year is 2007. You and two of your friends from college have been playing in a band together for about one year, and you’ve secured a spot on the lineup at South by Southwest, amongst over 1,400 other acts. At the show, you open for a group of five bands, and a whopping seven people are in attendance for your set. No sweat, right? Everybody’s gotta start somewhere. After the show, BAM, freakin’ Jerry Harrison (guitarist and keyboardist for the Talking Heads) is all up in your grill offering to produce your first LP at his personal studio in California. The LP drops in 2008…

  • What We’re Loving: OLOW & Jeremy Schiavo – “Youth Never Ends”

    Our love for OLOW never ends, but when we heard that they got together with artist Jeremy Bordeaux Schiavo, we saw fireworks all over again. The French label and independent artist have gotten together to create this limited series jacket, “Youth Never Ends.” Did we mention there are only 50 copies? Get it here: http://www.olow.fr/shop/fr/series-limitees/416-youth-never-ends.html Also, check out OLOW’s interview with Jeremy on where he got his start and what he’s got going for the future. http://www.olow.fr/olow-x-schiavo-youth-never-ends/ Olow.fr Facebook Instagram Twitter

  • One For The Locals: Micky and The Motorcars

    Tumblin’ down from the heights of the Sawtooth Mountains, Micky and The Motorcars hit the Stafford stage Thursday night to commence their Texas tour. Led by frontman Micky Braun and his guitarist brother Gary Braun, The Motorcars are coming to kick up some grade-A Americana dust. Music is just part of the brothers’ blood, as it has been for the last few generations of Brauns. Micky and Gary make up half of the Brauns brothers; their older siblings, Willy and Cody Braun, head the increasingly popular and genre-similar band: Reckless Kelly, who just so happened to edge out Jay-Z and Metallica for a Grammy award in Best Record Package last…

  • A Very Nasty Gal Valentines

    Nasty Gal’s latest lookbook, “What Is Love,” has us already filling up our shopping bags and pulling out our credit cards. For real. Who knew looking red hot on Valentine’s could be for the single ladies, too? But really, who needs a date when you’ve got a best friend to go out with!  

  • Mixtape Monday: It Ain’t Nothin’ But A G-Thang, Baby

    Mixtape Monday: It Ain’t Nothin’ But A G-Thang, Baby from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio. You Hid – Toro Y Moi Maria Marie – Thieves Like Us Evil Friends – Portugal. The Man German Love – STRFKR Pinkie Promise – Twin Steps She Don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips APHRODITE – Phedre Jello and Juggernauts – Unknown Mortal Orchestra Size Meets The Sounds – Woods 30 Minute Boyfriend – Julian Casablancas Ode To Viceroy – Mac DeMarco No Death – Mirel Wagner Speakeasy – The So So Glos Aminals – Baths

  • Surreal Selfies

    About four years ago, Jennifer Nguyen’s parents got separated. As a Father’s Day gift, Jennifer’s mom was going to be giving a new DSLR camera to replace her husband’s really old one, but they ended up getting divorced, so Jennifer ended up with it instead. Selfies were never the same again. That’s when she started shooting and became very interested in the craft.  Jennifer’s currently shooting with a Canon 6D, and she’s seeing through Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 L, Canon 85mm f/1.8, and Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lenses. Her arsenal is also equipped with two handy dandy external flashes and wireless triggers. For each photo, she tries to incorporate life experiences in…